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- A summary of Rizzoli and Isles [Maura] - [Part I]

Doctor Maura Isles - [A peer reviewed research shows that…]- You know Maura is a weird creature, she is the smartest person you know but then when everything goes so wrong you cannot even imagine, then there’s Jane, and whatever she says is pretty interesting to her. Just a friendly reminder that love lies underneath her big brain. On a different note there’s many things she loves to do with her Jane, one of which is being saved when someone tries to kill her. Apart from that yeah she’s a little obsessed with fashion, but that’s for Jane’s benefit, so in conclusion she’s a weirdo, going onto her own path (oddly so), can’t say lies and can’t drink beer and also a single human being who wants to make the world better and she’s one in a million. Oh and no instant coffee for her.