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Maura with her hands in her pockets appreciation post

#this is so fucking sexy #mainly because it doesn’t seem to quite suit her character #like how she was raised #this poise and class #i wasn’t raised like that and even my grandmother used to tell me ladies didn’t put their hands in their pockets #so in my mind this is a very tomboy-ish act #and someone as ultra feminine as Maura well #it’s just so FUCKING hot! #maura isles (via drtessarosetorres)

what if femme is a form of drag for maura?in some respects she’s stereotypically masculineher adherence to science/logicher field of study and workher ‘queen of the dead’ personaher mother obviously raised her to be very femininewhat if she wasn’t always?what if she was a little tomboy as a childand developed a high-femme persona later oneither to appease her parentsor to be able to move around as a part of high societyor as a counter to the masculine stereotype of her profession?what if she found heels and dresses opened more doors for her than suits?but the little things like putting her hands in her pockets and her more masculine wristwatchnever went away and were her quiet rebellion (via ressick)