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Scorpion Dagger GIPHOSCOPE by Officina K

The Giphoscope is a handmade analog GIF player by Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali from Officina K | OKKULT Motion Pictures, Turin, Italy.

The Giphoscope has been conceived, designed and crafted with the objective of proposing to artists/galleries/museums/collectors a minimalistic, unconventional, retrofuturistic analog GIF player, handmade with passion, precision and patience in Italy. 

Thanks to Giphoscope, animated GIF becomes a tangible and exclusive artwork.

Technical Details

- Tailor made for GIF Master Scorpion Dagger from Montreal, Canada
- Metallic structure in aluminium (matte for the main elements and golden for the ‘corners’), golden screws and support in authentic italian walnut.
- Aluminium frame about 13 x 10 cm.
- Crank with ball bearings.
- Plays 24 frames animated GIFs/video sequences.

To know more about the Giphoscope, please visit the official site.