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Let me tell you the whole conspiracy behind Lucky Charms, man. So, alright, look in the bowl. See the little crunchy wheat things? And they have all the vitamins and minerals, right? So they’re not that tasty, are they? Well, they’re shaped like little crosses and little fish, the Ichthys symbol that the Greeks drew over their doors to signify they were Christians so the Romans wouldn’t kill ‘em. And then, the little marshmallow things, and those are fun aren’t they? They sure are. But they have no nutrition, they’re just sugary and colorful, and those are shaped like pentagrams and moons and clovers… traditional Pagan symbols. So, the propaganda that Lucky Charms is trying to lay on you is that the path to Christianity, which is no fucking fun, but will give you vitamins and keep you regular. And the path to Paganism, which is colorful and bright, but it’ll rot your teeth and make you fat. You’re welcome. — Patton Oswalt, My Weakness Is Strong (via goodbye-steven)